Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is more than just email, it’s a powerful collaboration tool. You can manage contacts, calendars, tasks and email whether you are at your desk or on the go.

Because it’s hosted in the cloud, you lose the pain of managing servers and gain the benefits of backups and data security. Hosted Exchange for your business increases staff productivity and drives costs down.

Hosted Exchange benefits:

You control the number of mailboxes and configuration
Tailor your mailboxes to suit individual staff needs. Instantly create, remove and upgrade mailboxes at any time using the simple online control panel. As your business changes, don’t waste money paying for extra mailboxes or upgrades you don’t need.

ActiveSync for mobile devices
All your devices are automatically kept up to date with your email, contacts and calendar using ActiveSync. FREE for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android.

Different devices, same experience
You have the same experience when accessing Exchange from a mobile device, the desktop or web. Data is automatically synchronised and kept up to date.

Instant mailbox deployment
Whenever you make changes to your Hosted Exchange Account they happen instantly. There’s no need to wait when you add or remove mailboxes or purchase upgrades.

Use your preferred email client
While Outlook is the industry standard, you still have the freedom to use email clients such as Thunderbird, Entourage or Mac Mail. Any client which uses POP or IMAP will work with Hosted Exchange.

Spam and virus protection
All Hosted Exchange comes with industry-leading Cisco IronPort email protection. IronPort works as a global network to sense threats to your email and to more accurately identify spam.

Australian data centre
Your data is located in Australian data centres helping you meet regulatory requirements. Other companies keep your data offshore, resulting in slower transfer speeds and more waiting.

24/7 Australian based customer support
When things don’t quite go to plan, you can contact our friendly support team. Our support centre is managed around the clock so your business keeps running.

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