Microsoft Lync

Lync is an instant messaging, communication and file sharing tool which helps businesses stay connected. With Lync you can seamlessly talk, chat, share documents and collaborate on projects across multiple devices.

Microsoft Lync benefits:

Work smarter by connecting to the right person at the right time.

The Presence feature lets you know if someone is available to communicate, in a meeting, is busy or simply away; it can even tell you their current location. No longer will you waste time waiting on an email or a returned call. Best of all, if you don’t know who the right person is, simply do a skill and expertise search to find them!

Increase productivity by communicating in real time from familiar applications.

Lync integrates with existing Microsoft applications to avoid the need of costly training. Start an instant chat with the sender of an email that just arrived and progress on to a full whiteboard or desktop sharing session as the collaboration begins. One-on-one video sessions can even be run in HD resolution giving you ultra-clarity with your conversions.

Online meetings
Connect with people and have a more productive online meeting experience.

Lync empowers users to connect wherever they are through PC and mobile based devices, giving them audio, video, desktop and Power Point sharing capabilities into a single unified experience. Those scheduled or spontaneous meetings, can now be initiated effortlessly in a matter of a few simple clicks.

Reduce costs
Remove the need of business travel and expensive long distance phone calls. Lync facilitates effective communication and allows organisations to focus IT resources on developing value instead of running IT infrastructure.